New York, New York

On a clear morning, standing in mid-town Manhattan with the avenue, sparkling in brilliant sunlight and stretching canyon-like to seeming infinity, a sense of exhilaration is irresistible. The heart of one of the world’s greatest cities beats, honks, chatters and bustles in every direction. Moving downtown to Chelsea or the Villages, quieter cross streets boast […]

Brexit, the Morning After

Brexit, the Morning After In London it was cool, clear and sunny early in the morning of Friday 24 June as the Brexiteers celebrated their ‘Independence Day’. The pound plunged, global stock markets reeled, Prime Minister David Cameron announced his intention to step down in October, and the challenges of splitting from the EU confronted […]

Brexiteers Against The World

The insistence of many Brexiteers that a wealth of bilateral trade relationships would materialize to sustain the economy, some even suggesting a continuing tariff-free option with the EU, underlines their extreme nervousness about isolation.

Down-to-Earth Thoughts about Airbnb

The quality of accommodation and service available through Airbnb is less predictable and more variable than that available from either a traditional bed and breakfast establishment or a hotel. Here are some of the reasons why, plus a few thoughts about how to avoid the pitfalls. These observations are based on Airbnb experiences in Belgium, […]