Cathay, The Case For The Defence

On 16 August, Cathay Pacific CEO, Rupert Hogg, resigned on a point of principle: he thought it improper that Cathay staff should be dismissed for activities such as support for or participation in the widespread Hong Kong protests that occur outside working hours and are reflective of private convictions. It was clear that Beijing was […]


In 2017, the board of HSBC made a landmark, even radical, decision: they appointed an outsider as Chairman. Having installed Mark Tucker in the role, they were obliged to appoint an HSBC lifer as Group CEO. Having two outsiders with little knowledge of the sprawling beast that is HSBC would have been a risk too […]

Scrap The Basic Law: Too Silly To Be Fake News

It is a universal phenomenon that we prefer to consume media that support our prejudices and views. On a daily basis we are comforted by a false consensus reinforced by a frisson of pleasurable outrage at the egregious opinions and deeds of those with whom we disagree. The proliferation of social media has enabled foreign […]

Honestly Working in Five Steps

The message of #MeToo – sexual predation will no longer be tolerated – is an implicit warning to a wider circle than those guilty of making unwelcome sexual advances. The demand for sexual favours by those with power over others has a long history – the infamous Hollywood casting-couch is an example. Suddenly, with the […]