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Market turbulence and geopolitical tensions are creating uncertain times for international cities around the world. For Hong Kong there is the added dimension of the city’s evolving relationship with Beijing.’DH: mostly Hong Kong’ offers alternative views, critical but not negative, on these issues be they minor, major, serious or amusing.

The sub-blog: Making Work Work for You

The series of posts Making Work Work for You supplements, but does not supplant, the regular posts about Hong Kong in general and Hong Kong politics in particular. It is all about work, not just how to survive it but how to enjoy it, to flourish and advance. It does not deal with broad management theory, although it touches on the nature of management. It will, however, cover some of the big work issues that arise in all organisations be they public, private, commercial, voluntary or governmental.

These posts will include strategy (so many organisations think they have one, so few do), the false god of ‘leadership’, how to navigate corporate culture, the significance of patronage, and why every organisation depends for its continuance on a measure of hypocrisy.

Making Work Work for You posts may be accessed directly here.

The Author

David Hall left London for Hong Kong in 1994 to take up a job in banking, at that time considered a desirable, even respectable, industry. He intended to stay for two, maybe three years. Towards the end of 2010 he recognised that not only had he overstayed but he had also passed the official age of retirement. It was time to find something else to do. So he did, becoming variously a visiting fellow at a local university and a consultant. These days, he divides his time between reading, travelling, horse racing, opera broadcasts from the New York Met, and a Zen Buddhist monastery in Causeway Bay. And now, he is writing a blog.

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