Equal Opportunities Commission Strikes Again

The term of office of York Chow, the widely respected Chairman of the Equal Opportunities Commission, who had been noted for his attempts to end discrimination against Hong Kong’s LGBT community, ended in March this year. His efforts had not been universally welcomed, not least by some members of the Commission. They were no doubt […]

Down-to-Earth Thoughts about Airbnb

The quality of accommodation and service available through Airbnb is less predictable and more variable than that available from either a traditional bed and breakfast establishment or a hotel. Here are some of the reasons why, plus a few thoughts about how to avoid the pitfalls. These observations are based on Airbnb experiences in Belgium, […]

Lords of Misrule

Before Easter, one of the strangest sights in Hong Kong was veteran protester and Legco member, Lee Cheuk-yan, being carried away by several policemen from an illegal dumping site, located in the New Territories, that is four storeys high and covers an area the size of two football pitches. Lee was there in support of […]