Pensionable Nonsense

Hong Kong people are unhappy, a truth widely acknowledged in the city and now officially endorsed by a UN happiness survey that finds globally we rank 75th, just above war-torn Somalia, a state until recently best known for its pirates. Factors which may contribute to the local gloom include the HKSAR’s evolving relationship with its […]

Horsey Thoughts From Abroad

Once, at a tasting to which I had been invited, I was unable to detect the pencil shavings which I was assured distinguished the contents of my glass. The day following, I bought a pencil (I can never find one at home), plus a sharpener and went to work.

Home Truths for Hong Kong

All societies are deeply divided, by demographics, gender, culture, abilities, interests and aspirations. Some might call that diversity. In Hong Kong it is merely futile, public hand wringing, a substitute for recognising social and economic issues that require policy solutions.